The challenge


1. The heat demand

Heat is an absolute necessity all over the world.  It's so important that it represents more than half of the world energy demand. 

2. Fossil energies

Heat is mainly produced by means of fossil energies. Those are harmful for our planet and are more and more expensive.

3. Using of green energies

As part of the energy transition, we strongly have to reduce our greenhouse gases emissions.

4. Solar thermal: the "noblest" energy
Among all those renewable energies, solar thermal is the most ideal on paper:
• Free energy source (the sun)
• High efficiency (>85%)
• Proven technology
• High reliability (>30 years)
• No deforestation
• Preservation of cultivable fields
• Self-consumption
5. And yet...
Despite the advantages of this technolgy, the participation of solar thermal to the global heat demand is less than 0.5%. Because of:
• Complexity (specialists needed)
• High set-up time
• Cost of the installation
• Integration to the  building

6. Opticube: revolutionary solution

Sunoptimo has designed a product able to solve the barriers to the development of solar thermal. The technical complexities are bypassed thanks to this «all in one» kit. Solar thermal technolgy becomes mountable by anyone, and the set-up time of the installation is incredibly low.