Combined solar systems

DHW + heating and/or pool

Combining the solar energy input for both domestic hot water and space and/or pool heating allows you to maximize the use of solar energy in a dwelling.

Using a heat pump or a biomass boiler in addition to a Sunoptimo solar system represents an ideal solution for heating without the use of fossil energy.

Here are a few diagrams to illustrate how you can combine these solar applications:

combi système solaire sunoptimo

In the diagram above, solar energy feeds a cylinder that combines domestic hot water and heating. This cylinder contains a domestic hot water reserve. The heating circuit can also be connected to the cylinder to use solar energy.

combi vanne 3V

In the diagram shown here, a 3-way valve is managed by the control system to send fluid heated by the sun either to a domestic hot water cylinder, or to a buffer tank that will be used for space heating.

combi avec piscine


Heating your domestic hot water, your swimming pool in summer and your house in winter using free solar energy represents the ideal solution for individuals.


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