Full large solar thermal kit

Ready to heat

The Opticube is an easy and large « all-in-one » solar thermal kit, removing the barriers to solar thermal industry development.

All the technical complexity has been considered and integrated in a 20 feet container. The hydraulic part is entirely pre-assembled: what remains to be done on site is the mounting of the metallic structure and the collectors, which can be handled quickly and easily by anyone. Such as a well known Swedish furniture, you just have to follow the guidebook!

This system brings up to 40% total cost reduction in relation to a classic solar thermal installation, resulting in a 100% green energy, lower than 20€/MWh. Save the planet, save your money!

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In this videoclip, you can see the mounting of a full Opticube 100 in one day:





Mounting 9 collectors in less than 9 seconds..... :-)