Opticare Contract

Secure your investment

The Opticare contract secures the solar investment. A communicating control and a suitable equipment (sensors, flow meter) will allow Sunoptimo to remotely monitor the system, collect data from energy production and prepare an annual report on energy production. In case of anomaly in the analysis of the operating parameters, Sunoptimo may also alert the owner.


A specific configuration of the control  will generate a web page This page will provide the operation information of the system in real time. This information can be used both internally and through internet. In some cases, the Opticare contract is coming along with an insurance for 5 years for the owner to enjoy its installation without any worries.
Through the Opticare contract, Sunoptimo wishes to highlight key references to solar. In exchange for the many benefits obtained by Sunoptimo on a marketing point of view, in connection with this contract, Sunoptimo is willing to "pay" the owner for an agreed amount, which will enable it to obtain return on investment faster.

  • Securing your investment
  • Combining interest to have a performing installation
  • Possibility to display real time solar production information
  • Rapid payback
  • Profitable investment
  • Important savings generated by the investment
  • Annuity funding the installation below the savings generated (= positive cash flow as of the first year)