Plug and play large solar thermal installation, from 30 to 3.000 m²

The Opticube is becoming a key product of the already large Sunoptimo products range. This revolutionary concept includes all the benefits of Sunoptimo's development and solves other limits of the solar thermal market development. It is in line with the Drainback product development of Sunoptimo. But moreover, it is the result of the strong Sunoptimo's willingness to constantly innovate to make solar thermal technology the ideal solution for most of heat needs.

The main Opticube role is to satisfy large heat requirements, with an easy integration to the current system in place, allowing anybody to set it up through a very straight forward and rapid mounting, allowing then to strongly reduce the total cost of the system. These requirements are mainly requested by industries, hotels or retirement houses, among others. Thanks to the Opticube, it will be possible for those consumers to produce their hot water with the heat of the sun for a very attractive investment cost. In other words, the Opticube is the ideal solution to produce heat by mean of a free, endless and natural energy, for an attractive and strongly reduced investment.

The Opticube concept is fairly easy to understand.  It is a maritime container on which a metallic structure, which is able to carry 30 to 300 m² of solar thermal collectors, is fixed. They can be connected in parallel to produce a maximum of solar heat allowing the Opticube being considered the ideal solution for the 30 m² to 3000 m² solar thermal market.  Inside the container, the "pre-mounted" solar thermal heating system makes the Opticube setup really quick (a question of days), no mater the site. Printable version of the Opticube brochure


- Pre-mounted solar thermal heating room in the container.

- The collectors of the Opticube can be mounted on the structure by any technician.

- Quick set up, without any specific abilities needed.

- Knock-down total investment cost compare with traditionnal mouting

- High performance Optisun 245 collectors

- The Opticube adapts to any situation

- The Opticube can easily be moved from one place to another

- The Opticube possesses all the drainback advantages (gel, overheating,etc.)

- Many options are available, as the mounting aid, commissioning, etc.

DesignationNb of collectorsNb of rowsContainerSurface (Gross)Storage volume
Opticube 30 - R3123 rowscontainer A31,80 m²1500 L
Opticube 35 - R3153 rowscontainer A39,75 m²1500 L
Opticube 40 - R4164 rowscontainer A42,40 m²1500 L
Opticube 45 - R3183 rowscontainer A47,70 m²1500 L
Opticube 50 - R4204 rowscontainer A53,00 m²1500 L
Opticube 55 - R3213 rowscontainer B55,65 m²3000 L
Opticube 60 - R4244 rowscontainer B63,60 m²3000 L
Opticube 60 - R3243 rowscontainer B63,60 m²3000 L
Opticube 68 - R3273 rowscontainer B71,55 m²3000 L
Opticube 70 - R4284 rowscontainer B74,20 m²3000 L
Opticube 75 - R3303 rowscontainer B79,50 m²3000 L
Opticube 80 - R4324 rowscontainer B84,80 m²3000 L
Opticube 85 - R3333 rowscontainer B87,45 m²3000 L
Opticube 90 - R4364 rowscontainer B95,40 m²3000 L
Opticube 90 - R3363 rowscontainer B95,40 m²3000 L
Opticube 98 - R3393 rowscontainer B103,35 m²3000 L
Opticube 100 - R4404 rowscontainer B106,00 m²3000 L
Opticube 105 - R3423 rowscontainer C111,30 m²6000 L
Opticube 110 - R4444 rowscontainer C116,60 m²6000 L
Opticube 115 - R3453 rowscontainer C119,25 m²6000 L
Opticube 120 - R4484 rowscontainer C127,20 m²6000 L
Opticube 120 - R3483 rowscontainer C127,20 m²6000 L
Opticube 130 - R4524 rowscontainer C137,80 m²6000 L
Opticube 135 - R3543 rowscontainer C143,10 m²6000 L
Opticube 140 - R4564 rowscontainer C148,40 m²6000 L
Opticube 150 - R4604 rowscontainer C159,00 m²6000 L
Opticube 150 - R3603 rowscontainer C159,00 m²6000 L
Opticube 160 - R4644 rowscontainer D169,60 m²9000 L
Opticube 180 - R4724 rowscontainer D190,80 m²9000 L
Opticube 180 - R3723 rowscontainer D190,80 m²9000 L
Opticube 200 - R4804 rowscontainer D212,00 m²9000 L
Opticube 235 - R3903 rowscontainer D238,50 m²9000 L
Opticube 240 - R4964 rowscontainer D254,40 m²9000 L
Opticube 300 - R41204 rowscontainer D318,00 m²9000 L
DesignationDimensions A x B x CApproximate weight of equipment carried (kg)
Opticube 30 - R3(5,90m x 5,23m x 4,75m)3200
Opticube 35 - R3(5,90m x 6,42m x 4,75m)3500
Opticube 40 - R4(7,85m x 5,23m x 6,10m)3600
Opticube 45 - R3(5,90m x 7,62m x 4,75m)3800
Opticube 50 - R4(7,85m x 6,42m x 6,10m)4000
Opticube 55 - R3(5,90m x 8,81m x 4,75m)4100
Opticube 60 - R4(5,90m x 10,01m x 4,75m)4300
Opticube 60 - R3(7,85m x 7,62m x 6,10m)4300
Opticube 68 - R3(5,90m x 11,20m x 4,75m)4600
Opticube 70 - R4(7,85m x 8,81m x 6,10m)4700
Opticube 75 - R3(5,90m x 12,40m x 4,75m)4900
Opticube 80 - R4(7,85m x 10,01m x 6,10m)5100
Opticube 85 - R3(5,90m x 13,59m x 4,75m)5100
Opticube 90 - R4(5,90m x 14,79m x 4,75m)5400
Opticube 90 - R3(7,85m x 11,20m x 6,10m)5400
Opticube 98 - R3(5,90m x 15,98m x 4,75m)5700
Opticube 100 - R4(7,85m x 12,40m x 6,10m)5800
Opticube 105 - R3(5,90m x 17,18m x 4,75m)6000
Opticube 110 - R4(7,85m x 13,59m x 6,10m)6100
Opticube 115 - R3(5,90m x 18,37m x 4,75m)6200
Opticube 120 - R4(5,90m x 19,57m x 4,75m)6500
Opticube 120 - R3(7,85m x 14,79m x 6,10m)6500
Opticube 130 - R4(7,85m x 15,98m x 6,10m)6900
Opticube 135 - R3(5,90m x 22,40m x 4,75m)7000
Opticube 140 - R4(7,85m x 17,18m x 6,10m)7200
Opticube 150 - R4(5,90m x 24,79m x 4,75m)7600
Opticube 150 - R3(7,85m x 18,37m x 6,10m)7600
Opticube 160 - R4(7,85m x 19,57m x 6,10m)8000
Opticube 180 - R4(5,90m x 29,57m x 4,75m)8700
Opticube 180 - R3(7,85m x 22,40m x 6,10m)8700
Opticube 200 - R4(7,85m x 24,79m x 6,10m)9400
Opticube 235 - R3(5,90m x 36,74m x 4,75m)10300
Opticube 240 - R4(7,85m x 29,57m x 6,10m)10900
Opticube 300 - R4(7,85m x 36,74m x 6,10m)13000