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We offer monitoring services for solar installations as well as guarantee contracts regarding solar output. These services provide users with real-time data regarding their installation. In addition, the contracting authority enjoys peace of mind with the certainty that a professional is monitoring the operation of the installation, as well as its output.

Optiservices™Installation monitoring with an annual reportInstallation monitoring + alarm managementSolar results guarantee (SRG) contractOmnium insurance
ContentAcquisition and analysis of data once a month (excluding the price of the additional equipment required for monitoring)Weekly monitoring (excluding holidays) of the solar installation. Call to the installer should a problem be detected (excluding the price of the additional equipment required for monitoring).
DeliverableAn annual report with an analysis of the resultsA detailed annual report with analysis of output and a breakdown log
DestinationInstaller / end customerInstaller / end customerinstaller / End customerEnd Customer
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