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We offer a whole range of services to support collective solar projects. Our technical-sales team carries out advanced sizing studies especially designed to help project managers, architects and consultancies gain a better understanding of solar thermal aspects.

OptiservicesOptimum SizingOptimum Sizing + specificationInstallation study
ContentMeeting with the customer to understand their needs and collect the information required for the study. Various simulations and Optimum sizingMeeting with the consultancy to determine the customer's needs. Simulations and Optimum sizing Visit to the building to take measurements. Study of the installation of the solar collectors on the roof, the sections, materials and routing of pipework.. Siting of the different boiler room components. Advanced study (pressure drop, pump sizing, expansion vessel, fluid volume, connection to the existing installation, ... ).
DeliverablesFollowing this meeting a detailed report is prepared for the customer comprising a suggestion concerning the surface area to install, the savings that could be achieved, a financial plan, ROI ...Following this meeting a detailed report is prepared for the consultancy and a description of the equipment that needs to be inserted into the specifications will be sent to you.Following this visit a full installation report covering the roof and the boiler room with diagrams and characteristics of the products to be specified will be sent to you.
DestinationInstaller / End customer DesignconsultancyInstaller / End customer
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