Remote monitoring of solar installations

Importance of remote monitoring a solar installation

1 - Loss of energy production if the system is off
A backup able to produce 100 % of the hot water is always required in combination with a solar system. It happens that the manager does not realize that the installation does not work anymore and this can last for many months . The establishment of an apparatus to monitor remotely the proper functioning of the solar system prevents a loss of solar energy production. This can sometimes be thousands of kWh , and therefore thousands of dollars lost.
2 - Optimization of energy production
The optimal configuration of the solar system can only be based on the analysis of operational data obtained in actual operation . The optimization of these parameters after commissioning can often significantly increase the savings that can produce the solar system. This can be serious additional savings .
Sunoptimo offers monitoring services for solar systems , both for its own products, as in the case of existing installations of competing products. These services are included in an Opricare contract.

- Securing the investment 
- Alerts in case of malfunction 
- Easier diagnosis of the origin of an anomaly 
- Optimization of operation 
- Reporting of solar production